Regulatory Affairs Services in Vietnam

regulatory affairs services in vietnam

Regulatory Affairs Services in Vietnam

In Vietnam, regulatory affairs services is becoming more  in demand.  To learn more about regulatory affairs services in Vietnam, we first need to understand what is the regulatory affairs in healthcare field. (see more in what is the Regulatory Affairs?)

Regulatory affairs
participate in the whole process after clinical development, beginning  at  drug registration, to regulatory compliance monitoring during product circulation in the market, and product updates according to changes in the national/regional laws and regulatory guidelines, or as mandated by the regulatory authority.

Currently, most business firms have employees for regulatory affairs function. However, the number of employees and working situations in regulatory affairs in each business entity is rather parsimonious. For instance, in manufacturing enterprises and trading businesses in Vietnam, the regulatory affairs employees would be found stationed in factories, in research and development department (for manufacturing companies), or in import-export department (for trading businesses).  Overseas, most exporting companies will have an affiliate in the importing territory who will provide regulatory affairs services until the importer understands the regulatory industry in that territory and can do the work by themselves.

On the other hand, multinational corporations may have regulatory affairs departments in each country where their products would be marketed to take care of product registration, and/or a regulatory hub division that is responsible on a regional scale.

Regulatory Affairs Services can also be outsourced and provided by firms such as:

- Multinational corporations that have a global supply chain system. Apart from regulatory services, these companies also provide marketing services, and even have a service package to take care of products from the manufacturer to the hands of the consumers;

- Multinational law firms and local law firms, who provide regulatory affairs consulting services;

- Local manufacturers and certain businesses that are licensed for manufacturing activities in the pharmaceutical field can also provide regulatory affairs consulting services for companies located outside Vietnam.

In short, to ensure the compliance with regulations and law in each country, regulatory affairs services play a big role, contributing to reduce the cost and time for companies who want to develop and expand in a new market.

In the near future, believes that regulatory affairs services will become one of the most developed services in Vietnam.

Edited by Jean Ngo

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